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Nextam Partners Sicav is the Luxembourg Sicav promoted by Nextam Partners Group and contains investment strategies on which Partners and Managers possess successful records since over 20 years. Next to the consolidated area of knowledge represented by sub-funds directly managed by the Partners, Nextam Partners has been able to establish strategic alliances with excellent third-party asset managers, delegating or sub-delegating to them the responsibility of specific asset classes to offer new peculiar and long-term investment strategies to our domestic clients. The managers selection within the international environment is one of the most solid strength of Nextam Partners, as result of an intense research which privileges the discipline of the investment process and the returns consistency obtained over time.

On March 2, 2020, BG FUND MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A., the management Company of the Banca Generali Group that acquired Nextam Partners Group in 2019, became the Management Company of the SICAV and took over the whole management of the SICAV, maintaining the philosophy and existing delegations. As from 1 July 2020, BG FUND MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A., the current designated management company of the SICAV, directly performs the investment portfolio management of the Sub-funds previously managed by Nextam Partners SGR S.p.A, further to the dissolution of the latter company as a consequence of the merger into Banca Generali S.p.A.

The product line currently consists of 11 sub-funds:

  • 1 equity sub-funds;
  • 3 flexible sub-funds;
  • 7 bond sub-funds

5 Sub-funds are managed by BG FUND MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A. team and 6 are managed by third-party managers.