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LUX IM is a Luxembourg SICAV that exploits the Generali Group’s management experience in the markets through sub-funds broken down by asset class (equities, bonds and flexible) and specialised by geographical area.

Investors can thus use a single product to diversify their portfolios, access new markets and benefit from professional investment management, owing to:

  • the experience and high level of specialisation by both geographical area and asset class of the Generali Group's management teams and analysts;
  • the ability to identify and select securities capable of offering the greatest growth opportunities; and
  • a focus on active management, risk control and constant monitoring of portfolios and investment choices.

Investment in LUX IM is simple, customisable and flexible:

  • thanks to the ability to switch between sub-funds, investors can enter and exit markets rapidly, in some cases even automatically (planned switch service);
  • it provides maximum freedom of choice of the amount of investment, according to personal needs and goals;
  • customisation includes the ability to invest gradually through savings plans and to decide the duration, amount and frequency of instalments according to personal needs; and
  • entry and sub-fund switch fees are flexible, depending on the characteristics of the investment.

The product line currently consists of 74 sub-funds. 22 are actively managed by BG FUND MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A. team:

  • 16 equity sub-funds;
  • 2 alternative sub-fund;
  • 3 flexible sub-funds;
  • 1 bond sub-fund.

In addition, since 2012 the line has been expanded to include 52 new sub-funds under third-party management.